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  • Gearcases and blade holders provide better performance
  • Deep-cutting chamber provides a better shredding action
  • Front and rear safety chains are standard for increased protection
Manufacturer John Deere
Model HX6
Cutting width  1,829 mm 
 72 in. 
Cutting height  50 to 229 mm 
 2 to 9 in. 
Cutting capacity (diameter)  101.6 mm 
 4 in. 
Cutting chamber Depth  300 mm 
 11.8 in. 
Tractor compatibility  
Tractor PTO HP range  Minimum 30 kW 
 40 hp 
Tractor PTO  540 rpm 
Type  Lift-type  
Category  2, 3N  
Transport width  1,956 mm 
 77 in. 
Overall width  ---  
Overall length  ---  
Deck shape  Domed  
Deck type  Double decker  
Deck thickness  ---  
Upper  3 (11) mm 
 0.118 (11) in. 
Lower  3.5 (10) mm 
 0.138 (10) in. 
Side skirt thickness  6 (3) mm 
 0.25 (3) in. 
Approx. weight  584 kg 
 1,208 lb 
Size  ---  
Main  ASAE Category 4  
Connecting  ---  
Protection  ---  
Main  Non-seize, slip-clutch driveline  
Connecting  ---  
Number  1  
HP rating  ---  
Transfer  ---  
Center  150 hp 
 Continuous 112 kW 
 Peak 152 kW 
 205 hp 
Outer  ---  
Thickness  13 mm 
 0.5 in. 
Width  102 mm 
 4 in. 
Type  Single suction  
Overlap  ---  
Blade tip speed  ---  
540 RPM  4,751 m/min 
 15,586 fpm 
 285 km/h 
 177 mph 
1000 RPM  ---  
Material flow system  Integrated  
Holder  ---  
Type  Round stump jumper (single suction) for protection of blades and carrier against obstruction damage  
Type  Laminated  
Row width adjustment  ---  
Front  Chain  
Rear  Chain