John Deere 3975 for sale at Lawson Implement Co., Inc. Serving your new and used equipment needs from Goldthwaite and Hamilton, TX.




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Get better quality-of-cut while using less fuel. The 3955 and 3975 Pull-Type Forage Harvesters deliver more tons of crop per hour while using less fuel. An integrated kernel processor option is available on the 3975. By cracking kernels as they come through, the processor increases feed value and can help dairy herds achieve greater production. 

  • Tailor fan speed to meet harvesting requirements
  • Electric down-stop control comes in base equipment
  • Quick-adjust stationary knife
  • Cantilever cross-drive auger
Manufacturer John Deere
Model 3975
Diameter  45.7 cm (18 in.)
Width  57.7 cm  (22.7 in.)
Number of knives  48  
Knife type  Small, straight, helical  
Knife size  14.8x8.5 cm  (5.8x3.4 in.)
Speed  850 rpm 
PTO speed  ---  
Horsepower rating  Category 5 up to 112 kW (150 hp)
   Category 6 up to 175 kW  (235 hp)
Overload protection  ---  
Feedrolls and housing  
Housing width  55.9 cm  (22 in.)
Feedroll rise  15.2 cm  (6 in.)
Feedroll opening  852 cm2 (132 sq in.)
Upper feedroll protection  Shearbolt  
   Slip clutch optional  
Lower feedroll protection  Slip clutch  
   Direct drive optional  
Length of cut  6-13 mm (0.25-0.5 in.)
Kernel processor  
Roll width  61 cm (24 in.)
Roll diameter  20 cm (8in.)
Roll gap  1-8 mm  (0.1-0.8 in.)
Upper roll speed  1,940 rpm 
Lower roll speed  2,830 rpm 
Blower fan  
Number of blades  4  
Diameter  81.3 cm (32 in.)
Speed  722 or 1,000 rpm 
Diameter  27.9 cm (11 in.)
Speed  392 or 540 rpm 
Feedroll drive  
Gearcase  Enclosed  
Shift  Hydraulic, forward, reverse, neutral  
Tire size