John Deere 630D for sale at Lawson Implement Co., Inc. Serving your new and used equipment needs from Goldthwaite and Hamilton, TX.




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You’ll appreciate the smooth, vibration-free cutting performance the shaft-driven in-line dual knife drive system provides, standard on the 630D.

  • Windrowing capability with 600D Drapers
  • Dual-knife drive system is timed
  • Cutterbar is closer to the ground
  • Stainless-steel feed floor
Model 630D
Type Straight line knife drive system
Length, ft. (m) 30.5-ft (9.30m)
Knife drive Dual Knife base; single optional (for combine use only)
Knife speed 520 cycles/min
Cutterbar tilt Base hydraulic (9 degrees tilt max)
Pickup Reel  
Number of slats 6 bat poly base; 6 bat steel optional
Fingers Nylon base; steel optional
Diameter, in. (mm) 42-in (1067mm)
Height control Hydraulic
Speed control Hydraulic
Reel lift, in. (mm) 13.0-in (330mm) Cylinder stroke; 15.4-in (391.5mm) Total Range
Reel fore and aft, in. (mm) 14.1-in (359mm) Cylinder stroke; 24.4-in (620mm) Total Range
Reel resume Base
Reel reverse Base
Operating speeds, rpm 6-54 rpm
Operating speeds, rpm (54-in. reel) ---
Slat Reel  
Number of slats ---
Diameter, in. (mm) ---
Height control ---
Speed control ---
Operating speeds, rpm ---
Draper Belts  
Width, in. (mm) Side belts 40-in; Center belts 55-in; Center belt not included with SPW configuration
Clean height, in. (mm) 1-in (25.4mm)
Operating speed, ft./min. (m/min.) Side belts: Variable up to 735-ft/min (223m/min); Center belts: 695-ft/min (212m/min); Center belt not included with SPW configuration
Speed control Hydraulic from cab
Center belt reverse Base; Center belt not included with SPW configuration
Feed Drum  
Diameter, in. (mm) 16-in (406mm); Feed drum not included with SPW configuration
Feed drum fingers Heavy duty round 5/8-in (16mm) diameter with breakaway notch and retainer
Number of fingers 18
Auger finger platform Dual Chevron, retracting
Finger reach, in. (mm) 6-in (195mm)
Drum/auger reverse Base
Operating speed, rpm 195 rpm
Center clean out door Base
Header Height Sensing  
Type Electro-hydraulic base
Header height sensing on the ground Base
Header height sensing off the ground Base
Auxiliary Top Auger  
Type Optional; hydraulic drive
Platform length, ft. (m) 32.9-ft (10.03m)
Overall operating depth, ft. (m) 8.2-ft (2.5m)
Transport width, field position, ft. (m) 32.5-ft (9.91m)
Transport width on wheel, less dividers, ft. (m) 8.9-ft (2.71m)
Transport length, hitch extended, ft. (m) 40.4-ft (12.31m)
Approximate weight (slat reel), lb. (kg) ---
Approximate weight (pickup reel), lb. (kg) 6855 lb (3109kg) Combine Only; 5532 lb (2509kg) SPW Only
Approximate weight (with transport) lb (kg) 7,245 lb (3286kg) Combine Only; 5922 lb (2686kg) SPW Only
Approximate weight (optional 54-in. reel) lb (kg) ---