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The all-new R4023 Sprayer. Perfect for smaller, odd-shaped fields.


In designing the all-new R4023 Sprayer, our engineers made several enhancements in operator comfort plus engine power and efficiency, but kept all of the advantages and dimensions that made our former model a market leader.


A 600-gallon (2300L) tank capacity designed with the size you need for your smaller, irregular-shaped fields.


An 80-ft. (24.4 m) boom you can fold to 60-foot (18.3 m) for tighter field conditions. Strong 3D boom design gives the boom exceptional strength to resist fore-aft loads generated by starts, stops and turns, as well as demanding loads caused by folding and unfolding operations.


Trailer-ready adds to this sprayer's flexibility. The compact size lets you easily haul the R4023 on a trailer to get from field to field. And, you can easily store it in smaller buildings.


Unmatched precision integration eliminates the need for multiple displays. The new R4023 Sprayer comes standard with a GreenStar™ 3 2630 Display — your portal to an unrivaled array of more high-precision features.


John Deere integrated technologies help you with the challenges of balancing the right sprayer adjustments all day for peak efficiency. The sprayer-specific CommandARM™ is coupled with JDLink™ Connect capability and high-tech sprayer features like SprayStar™, Section Control, BoomTrac™ Pro and Boom Return to Height.


New Soft Shock option is ideal for spraying in rougher terrain such as no-till or strip-tilled fields. It's built to absorb the forces these rough terrains can generate, ensuring a smooth ride and accurate spray patterns up to 20 mph (32.2 km/h).


Auto-leveling package is standard on the R4023 to maintain the optimum inflation pressure in the air springs to deliver maximum control in varying field conditions.


Reduced field compaction. The new R4023 features an IF tire option for the 380 and 320 tires to deliver a bigger footprint and less compaction through lower inflation pressures.


Two axle options – wide or narrow – let you choose the tread spacing that's right for your operation. These minimize compaction and provide flexibility to match the row crop spacings to your specific crop.


New Final Tier 4 engine. Look under the hood and you'll see a new 4.5L engine rated at 173 hp (129 kW). We've designed this engine to boost power 5 percent more power compared to the previous model. Plus, it's designed to increase power bulge from 173 to 182 hp (136 kW) with a 10 percent gain in peak torque. That's dependable power in harsh conditions to let you spray at higher speeds than before.

Manufacturer John Deere
Model R4023
Peak rated power 129 kW
173 hp  
Emissions Final Tier 4
Number of cylinders Six
Displacement 4.5 L
275 cu in.  
Alternator ---
Fuel tank capacity 310 L
82 gal.  
Diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) tank capacity 17 L
4.5 gal.  
Solution system  
Capacity 2300 L
600 gal.  
Tank material Polyethylene
Rinse tank capacity 265 L
70 gal.  
Quick fill size 5.1 cm
2 in.  
Automatic section control John Deere Section Control (optional)
Solution system control Manual
Fill location Side fill
Chemical injection method ---
Chemical eductor Stainless steel
Chemical eductor capacity (size) 20 L
5.5 gal.  
Flow meter size 5.1 cm
2 in.  
Suction strainer 16 mesh
Pressure strainer 50 mesh
Boom strainer 80 mesh
Rate control make  
Boom length options 18 or 24 m
60 or 80 ft  
Automatic boom height BoomTrac Pro - 3 sensor (optional)
Plumbing material Polypropylene
Ground height adjustment 38-193 cm
15-76 in.  
Breakaway width 1.83 m
6 ft  
Boom sections Five
Type Hydrostatic tandem Saur pumps
Pump size is tandem 75 cc  
Drive Full-time four-wheel drive (4WD)
Shifting Electrohydraulic (on the go)
Hydraulic reservoir capacity 61 L
16 gal.  
Spray speed range 0-32 km/h
0-20 mph  
Transport speed, maximum 43 km/h
27 mph  
Dry compatible No
Suspension Air bar/shock suspended
Crop clearance with standard tires Narrow - 112 cm
44 in.  
Wide - 127 cm  
50 in.  
Front tires IF320/80R42, 380/R80R38, IF380/80R38, 420/85R34
Rear tires IF320/80R42, 380/R80R38, IF380/80R38, 420/85R35
Flotation tires ---
Hydraulic tread adjust Manual standard
Hydraulic optional (wide only)  
Wheel tread spacing Narrow - 183-224 cm
72-88 in.  
Wide - 229-305 cm  
90-120 in.  
Wheel base 373 cm
147 in.  
Turning radius 4.9 m
16 ft  
Parking brake Hydraulic release
Primary brakes Hydrostatic
Ladder raise/lower Hydraulic
Total weight with 80-ft boom 8,240 kg
18,165 lb  
Total weight with 90-ft boom ---
Total weight with 100-ft boom ---
Total weight with 120-ft boom ---
Air compressor Standard
Foam marker capacity Direct injection optional
Date collected  
Remote service tools