• Mower-Conditioners

    When your hay is ready and the forecast looks good, you want cutting done fast. Well you’re in luck, because John Deere Rotary Mower-Conditioners let you zip through even the toughest cutting conditions. The speed is yours for several reasons. Rotary disks, with a tip speed of 191 miles per hour, zip through crop. The rugged cutterbar and easy-to-adjust suspension system let you hug field contours and move over rocks and through softer obstructions like ant hills or varmint mounds. Speed also comes from fast maintenance and easy adjustments to the cutterbar angle, the conditioning level and windrow forming shields. No matter the crop conditions or the field obstructions, John Deere Rotary MoCos get you cutting fast. 

    • 3-year cutterbar warranty
    • Advanced sheerhub protection
    • Adjustable cutterbar angle
    • Multiple conditioning options
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