Small Square Balers

  • Small Square Balers

    Who says a small square haymaker can’t be a commercial operator? With John Deere Square Balers, you can produce as many small square bales in a season as the job calls for: whether that’s enough to feed a couple of horses, or enough to support your farm and a few neighbors as well. Three affordable models offer the field-proven crop control system you need to make solid, square-sided bales that are easy to stack and transport every time. 

    • Continuous-flow floating auger moves hay away from the pickup to the pre-compression chamber.
    • Bale tensioner is manually or hydraulically adjusted to apply the right amount of tension to the bale. 
    • Never-miss knotters catch every time to give you a reliable, secure twine wrap.
    • Full-width feeding pickup goes flare to flare with tight-fitting teeth and narrow strippers to gather hay in wide, heavy windrows.
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