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  • Neil Herbst Testimonial 1870 Drill C850 Air Cart

    Find out what one Albertan farmer says about the John Deere 1870 Air-Hoe Drill and the C850 Air Cart. According to Neil, they were “a perfect match” for his wheat, spring wheat and canola crops in 2017. His stand was “unbelievable" with "uniform emergence, and it looks great. The only thing this 1870 can’t do is make it rain.”

  • Elaine Bellamy Testimonial 1870 Air-Hoe Drill C850 Air Cart

    Learn how the 1870 Air-Hoe Drill and C850 Air Cart “set me up for a success the rest of the summer,” according to Elaine Bellamy, owner of Wills Farms in Alberta. When it comes to precise seed placement in her wheat and canola crops, “the 1870 it does it because I see that good emergence. That’s what I want to see when I walk in the fields.”

  • John Deere 3D Nozzle

    John Deere 3D Animation Video

  • John Deere 1210G

    John Deere 1210G

  • John Deere 1110G

    John Deere 1110G

  • John Deere 1510G

    John Deere 1510G

  • John Deere 620G/GP & 622G/GP Motor Graders

    When you ask, we listen. Introducing the new 620G/GP & 622G/GP Motor Graders. These competitively priced graders offer contractors, townships, and municipalities the grader they’ve been asking for. With just the right amount of power and fuel savings of up to 10 percent over our larger models, it’s equipped with many of the same features found on its larger siblings, including a superior cooling package and ground-level service. To learn more about John Deere Motor Graders, visit http://www.JohnDeere.com/MotorGraders

  • New ExactApply™ Nozzle Control System

    John Deere introduces the all-new ExactApply Nozzle Control System to help sprayer owner/operators cover more of your crop with better precision, making sure every droplet does its job. Get triple the pulse rate modulation than other solutions, delivering a more consistent droplet size from each nozzle at all sprayer speed ranges – enabled by a more constant spray pressure. With individual nozzle control, you can control your application down to 15 or 20 inches spacing. Vary the rate across the entire boom to greatly reduce input costs and possible crop damage while assuring the right spray rate even as you make a turn. Go to http://www.JohnDeere.com/Sprayers to learn more.

  • The Crooked Road - Episode 5

    Episode 5 of The Crooked Road video series.

  • The Crooked Road - Episode 5 Promo

    Sneak peak of Episode 5 of the video series The Crooked Road, sponsored by The Furrow and Homestead magazines.

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